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Eclipse’s innovative approach to soccer development leverages current research and best practices used by top soccer clubs, leadership academies, and athletic programs throughout the world. While Eclipse is a competitive soccer club with the goal of developing its members into high-level players.

Our innovative approach places the child at the center of all aspects of club policy and decision making, and fosters an environment that enables our players to develop a passion for the game, grow strong, stay healthy, build skills, and become leaders on and off the field—all while building friendships and having a ton of fun! The club also offers specialized clinics on a variety of topics (goalkeeping, shooting, etc.). These additional clinics are optional and are open to all players in the club. Practices begin in mid-June after local schools get out and end in early November.  Summer practices may be held in the morning or afternoon.  Fall practices are held after school for younger age groups and in the evening for older age groups.

During both the summer and the fall, all teams in the club have two team practices per week and one optional practice per week that includes an extra amount of scrimmage and drills that the players find more fun and enjoyable. The optional practices, which are on Fridays, are open to all teams in the club. These optional practices are put in place as a way for players who have the time to come out to increase their skill level while having fun. The club sees the benefit of players playing with other kids of different ages and genders and believes that these Friday practices are a good opportunity for this to happen. Older players can benefit from being seen as a leader and role model, while younger players will be given the chance to push themselves against older, bigger competition. The optional practices also help to lighten the pressure of a demanding competitive soccer schedule and lessen the “burnout” factor.

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East Bay Eclipse Soccer Club*
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