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Education Unlimited® provides academic summer camps & precollege summer programs for students entering grades 4-12. Our California summer camps and Massachusetts summer programs include public speaking camps, summer college admissions prep programs, science camps for girls, summer acting camp, creative writing camp, computer camp, video production camp and East Coast college tours. Info:(510) 548-6612

Our programs are held at world-class college campuses like Yale, MIT, Georgetown, Brown, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Caltech and UC San Diego. Since most programs have both overnight and day camp options and serve students from 4th grade to 12th grade, we almost certainly have a program that would be a good fit for the kids and teens in your life.Enroll online using our online application.

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Education Unlimited*
1681 Shattuck Ave Suite E
Berkeley, CA 94709
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Education Unlimited* - 2022 Virtual Camp Sessions
Education Unlimited* - 2022 On Campus Programs