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Campers will have fun playing basketball, capture the flag, kickball, dodgeball, Frisbee®, jump rope, hula hoop, whiffle ball, obstacle courses, banana tag and more. At our shaded games area, campers can participate in quieter activities including foosball, air hockey, cartooning, chess, connect four, hot hoops basketball and a variety of other board and table games. Campers will also enjoy water balloon fun, kite flying, and an occasional treasure hunt.

All El Cerrito Sports Camp activities are non-competitive and co-ed. There is no emphasis on winning, and therefore no pressure on performance. What we require from all participants is good sportsmanship and safe play. The staff helps to create a nurturing environment. Our priorities are (1) Safety, (2) Fun, and (3) Learning.Come join us today!

El Cerrito Sports & Games Camps!*
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.