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El Cerrito Recreation X-Fit Sports Training!* - SportStars Magazine
This camp is designed for all levels of athletes. X-Fit staff, will help your child feel more confident in the sports they play or want to play, all while enjoying a fun and challenging atmosphere. Camp will cover top speed, agility mechanics, plyometrics, core strength and more. Everyday campers will play in a sports game to implement what they have learned.

Both camps: Cerrito Vista Park

X-Fit Athletic Skills Camp, Weeks 2, 7, 9 (AM); 1, 3 (PM), Entering grades K-9
$145 R/$180 NR • Activity Code 722114

Would you like your child to be the next “American Ninja Warrior”?
X-Fit Lil’ Ninja Warrior Camp, Week 1, 3 (AM); 2, 7, 9 (PM), Entering grades K-9
The non-competitive curriculum allows children to develop gross motor skills, core strength, and balance. Designed for all levels, this camp will teach “Lil’ Ninjas” to control their bodies in an athletic atmosphere. Campers will get fit while overcoming obstacle courses.
$176 R/$218 NR • Activity Code 722117

El Cerrito Recreation X-Fit Sports Training!*