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his camp is aimed towards beginner players. NOT the travel team player, unless he/ she is looking to have fun and hone in on the fundamentals of lacrosse. The FUNdamental program helps teach players the fundamental skills of lacrosse in a PE class-style learning environment. We use a variety of games to enhance a player’s understanding of how to use the fundamentals of passing, catching, shooting, picking up groundballs, and dodging. Info: 888-501-4999

ENCORE Lacrosse camps are for those players looking to take their game to the next level. Jonathan Christmas is present at every camp where the focus is on developing each and every player according to the S.T.R.I.V.E. model. At all ENCORE Lacrosse Camps we fully focus on implementing our S.T.R.I.V.E. system.
Sustainable = Coaches that have coached at the collegiate level, played professionally, coached a high school varsity team, and college standouts that have coached a youth program for more than 5 years. Our coaches are required to complete the US Lacrosse Training program and Positive Coaches Alliance (PCA) training.
Training = Training is more than just getting repetitions. We believe it consists of focus on individual fundamental skills, improving overall athletic ability, and increasing a player's lacrosse IQ; understanding the team game, and the mental side of individual preparation.
Reactive coaching = Staff members take time to actively engage with each camper 1 on 1 so players can keenly think about their own games and reflect on how other players view their strength and weakness. Similar to the classroom, each player has their own style of learning, and we aim to maximize our communication so players are getting the most out of every session.
Innovative = Any player at our camps are subject to both field and box lacrosse training. Each of our camps have multiple staff members with professional lacrosse experience in NLL (box lacrosse) and MLL (field lacrosse). Learning skills-sets from both games has become almost mandatory to be able to compete at the next level. We have full regulation box lacrosse goals at every camp and introduce 2v2 pick series, shooting off screens, stop and pop shots, as well as an array of other box specific skills.

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Encore Lacrosse Camps*
2111 harrison st
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Encore Lacrosse Camps* - MARCH 16-20