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The Football Safety Academy was created by Coach Lee Becker a retired educator with over 4 decades of football coaching experience. Coach Becker’s background spans Youth Football through Community College, including 15 years as a head coach. Can football be both the action sport we love and safe for our football players? Info:

“Football is a collision sport.” We’ve all heard the media reports of the long term effects of concussions in professional players who have played for 10-20 years.

Coach Becker has been way ahead of the curve on this issue. He has been developing striking techniques to diminish the negative impacts of head contact, for nearly 10 years.

His concern for this issue has led him to create an impact protection technique called the “Hulk Up” Technique. Since introducing the “Hulk Up” Technique it has been successfully communicated and taught to over high school 300 high school defensive linemen with amazing safety results.

The Football Safety Academy encourages all coaches, parents and players to evaluate the potential the “Hulk Up” Technique has to offer in making the “Great Game of Football” safer at your level.

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Football Safety Academy!*
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