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Girls Leading Girls* - SportStars Magazine
Girls Leading Girls is a San Francisco based nonprofit organization that trains young women in leadership and life skills through soccer. Our programs focus on three main areas: skill development through soccer training and competitive play, leadership training through our junior coaches and career mentoring programs, and character building through our community service initiatives both home and abroad. Info: 415-712-6618

Girls are different.
From how they’re encouraged, to how they train, to how they communicate, and how they lead.
Girls learn better from Girls.
We have nothing against men or Dads, but we believe that providing Girls with role models that can relate to what they’re going through as young women is essential to their character development.
Girls matter.
Often times girls are less encouraged to participate in sports or to lead a group of male and female peers. In reality their opinion is valuable, their leadership necessary, and respect deserved.

Girls Leading Girls*
3145 Geary Blvd. #402
San Francisco, CA 94118