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Glazier West Coast Football Coaching Clinics!* - SportStars Magazine
WE HELP COACHES WIN. Our mission is training coaches to win on and off the field. We combine live football coaching clinics with 24/7 online coaching resources to give coaches the best education in the country - in football and other sports. Glazier Clinics has the best coaching clinics and the best digital coach training tools anywhere - period.

Why attend Glazier Clinics? Glazier Clinics provides coaches with the tools to be great at what they do:
We select champion coaches from all levels to teach at our clinics
We offer 35 clinics in locations across the country
We select hotels that offer a great experience and great value to the coaches
Our clinic schedules are packed with educational sessions
We go beyond the X’s & O’s to teach culture, leadership, program management, and more
Our 20 clinic Bonus Tracks dive into topics far deeper than normal clinic sessions
Unlimited coaches, unlimited clinics, unlimited digital training with the Staff Season Pass

Glazier West Coast Football Coaching Clinics!*
1880 Office Club Pointe, Suite 2480
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
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