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Gold Arrow Camp* - SportStars Magazine
Gold Arrow Camp is a traditional summer camp located on Huntington Lake. Boys and girls ages 6-14 make fun, lifelong memories at our California summer camp while participating in activities like wake boarding, horseback riding, and rock climbing. At Gold Arrow Camp, campers experience rustic living with the spectacular backdrop of the Sierra National Forest. Info: 1-800-554-CAMP

As we make our cabin assignments, our goal is to create groups with a mix of campers both new and returning. We also want to provide campers with the opportunity to meet new friends from different geographic areas and for the group to develop its own camp identity, separate from preexisting friendship groups. Many of our campers are attending camp on their own, and it would not be fair to place them in a cabin with a large group of campers who know each other from home. As we make cabin assignments, we look at the following information: Grade and age; Special needs & requests from parents regarding placement (such as maturity level and supervision requirements); School and hometown; Mutual requests (both campers have each other listed as only request); Other requests. We make every effort to ensure that a significant number of campers in one cabin group are not from the same school and/or city. This facilitates good relations among all members of a cabin group.

Gold Arrow Camp*
1040 Pollasky Avenue
Clovis, CA 93612
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.