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GrowFit takes a radically different approach for physical activities and organized sports camps. Combined with decades of experience in physical education, your child will receive unparalleled attention in an environment that fosters being respectful, being honest, and working hard. Conveniently located where you and your kiddo work and play. Serving the Bay Area for nearly a decade, we provide the expertise, training, and physical education that every kiddo needs.

So what happens at camp? We play, but we also learn. GrowFit camps are designed to help maximize the amount of learning and youth development you would come to expect from a program designed for 4-12 year olds. While we primarily focus on sports, we also focus on team building, having fun, and most importantly, keeping screen time away.

Our proprietary curriculum, used in school districts across the United States, is incorporated in our camp activities.

Convenient. Fast. Easy.
When we designed our camps, we also had you, as the parent in mind. With convenient, easy check-ins and check-outs, as well as guides for the day, our camps provide you and your kiddo with a safe place with qualified educators to help your child gain skills in respectfulness, honesty, and working hard.

GrowFit Camps Include-
Complimentary Before & After Care
New Activities Every Camp
Convenient Check-In & Check-Out
Curriculum Based on Age

A typical day at Camp is highly regimented and structured, based on age group. Our highly skilled and qualified educators provide unparalleled support and attention to your kiddo throughout the camp day. While we do have a structure, we do believe in play time and getting to know your fellow campers.

Let’s play together! Find a Camp for your kiddo today!

Redwood City Kids Sports Camps Located at SportsHouse in Redwood City.
San Jose Kids Sports Camps Located at Silver Creek Sportsplex in San Jose.
West Sacramento Kids Sports Camps Located at Le Five Indoor Soccer in West Sacramento.
San Ramon Kids Sports Camps Located at East Bay Sports in San Ramon.
Rancho Cordova Kids Sports Camps Located at Le Five Indoor Soccer in Rancho Cordova.

GrowFit Kids Sport Camps-*
3151 Edison Way
Redwood City, California 94063
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GrowFit Kids Sport Camps-* - Redwood City
GrowFit Kids Sport Camps-* - San Jose
GrowFit Kids Sport Camps-* - West Sacramento
GrowFit Kids Sport Camps-* - San Ramon
GrowFit Kids Sport Camps-* - Rancho Cordova