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JCC (Jewish Community Center) Maccabi Sports Camp* - SportStars Magazine
JCC Maccabi Sports Camp is an overnight Jewish sports summer camp located just outside of San Francisco in Atherton, California. Our camp welcomes kids and teens in grades 4 through 12 from around the world. “Coachability” is really the key to success at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp. Info: 415-997-8844;

We place great emphasis on effort, fully applying oneself, facing adversity, playing and practicing with enthusiasm, and making your teammates better. Jumping and making contact to get a rebound are as valuable as getting the rebound. Taking four shots on goal or running hard through the bag are as important to an athlete’s progress as scoring or getting a hit. If they love to play sports and are eager to learn—this is their camp. 

While part of our focus is on fundamentals and game strategy, campers also build confidence progressing toward individual goals. And because everyone arrives with different sport experience (recreational leagues, school teams, travel clubs) and advances at their own pace, we strategically group players to ensure they get the most from camp. What they learn in competition, in practice, and from our coaches in our supportive environment helps them develop character and become more valuable team members.

Camp Coaches
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JCC (Jewish Community Center) Maccabi Sports Camp*
601 14th Avenue
San Francisco , CA 94118
Camp Dates
JCC (Jewish Community Center) Maccabi Sports Camp* - SUMMER 2022
JCC (Jewish Community Center) Maccabi Sports Camp* - Rookie Camp 2022