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Soccer Camps Offered Winter-Spring-Summer! Camps are an awesome experience and fun way to quickly build the fundamentals & further progress your child's journey to greatness. Camps offered in Vacaville, Benicia, Fairfield, Dixon, Woodland, Davis and W. Sacramento. Info: 707-474-8108

Three Touch Training: We use a successful academy style player development curriculum teaching and working on mastering the fundamentals.

Body Coordination: To control the ball you need to control your body. Coordination and agility are improved through a daily coordination routine.

World Cup Day: The last day of camp we celebrate our own World Cup with national flags and parade of nations.

Character Development Curriculum: Soccer is much more than just kicking a ball. We use a character development curriculum to build the virtues of self-control, confidence, respect, and team work.

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Just4Kicks Solano/Yolo*
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