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The Karate & Fitness Place Self Defense Clinics.* - SportStars Magazine
The Karate & Fitness Place USA employs a complete, integrated system that will teach you the techniques you need to defend yourself intelligently in threatening situations.

Since the beginning of The Karate & Fitness Place USA many students have gone on to become National and World Champions. Today The Karate & Fitness Place USA students are still recognized as top competitors in the sport of Karate. A core of traditional values of: Respect, Self-Discipline, Dedication, Humility and establishing a hard work ethic and building a solid foundation are the basis of our karate teachings.
Benefits of Training:
•Discipline: Builds character that applies to every area of life,
•Focus: Scientific studies show that karate training is good for the brain and helps with brain function, problem solving and quantitative reasoning skills. Results… Better School Grades! More Respectful!
•Self-Defense: Helps students improve their self-confidence & self-awareness skills to be more aware of surroundings and the ability to defend yourself.
•Fitness: Builds excellent physical coordination, balance, speed, power, focus, agility, cardiovascular and core strength
•Sport: Offers the opportunity for National and International Competition.
•Art: The ability to learn an art form from another culture and enjoy the beauty of what martial arts has to offer. Great activity for adults, teens and children to do together as a family.
Life Skills Forever:
Karate Training Good for the Brain. It improves Brain Function and Important for strengthening the brains ability to problem solve, memorize, and to set and finish goals
Better Grades, Better at Sports, Better at Music!

Camp Coaches
Camp Director
Tom Westernoff
The Karate & Fitness Place Self Defense Clinics.*
3413 Mt. Diablo Bl.
Lafayette, CA 94520
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.