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Liberty Gymnastics Day Camps & Training Center* - SportStars Magazine
Along with hosting and participating in various community events throughout the year, Liberty Gymnastics Training Center offers a great, fun, and rewarding approach for kids to stay fit and active – the amazing sport of gymnastics! Our gymnastics programs are for everyone 1.5 years old and up. Info: (925)687-8009;

We offer boys and girls (6 and up) classes. Your athletes will be introduced to the fundamental skills of gymnastics Strength, flexibility, and coordination training will help these students to progress smoothly to the next level. And for advancing students, building on their basic gymnastics skills and fine tune their body alignments. Students prepare for more advanced tumbling skills ahead. CLASS 4 girls will continue to work on strength training to prepare for more advanced skills on all events like basic tumbling skills on a 4 inch wide balance beam.

For boys, from entry level gymnastics they will be introduced to all six men's apparatuses along with strength and flexibility training to improving strength, flexibility and coordination. They will be prepared for flips when they move on to the next level.

Liberty Gymnastics Day Camps & Training Center*
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.