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Mark Cresse School of Baseball - SportStars Magazine
The Mark Cresse School of Baseball was established in 1984 by then Los Angeles Dodgers bullpen coach, Mark Cresse, with the intention of providing the best fundamental training of the game of baseball to the youth of Orange County & Chino Hills. Info: (714)-892-6145;

Over the years the camp has produced numerous players that have gone on to glorious careers in the game of baseball. The list of past campers includes Mike Piazza, Jeff Kent, J.T. Snow, Craig Wilson, Michael Young, Howie Clark, Rocky Bidle, Mark Trumbo and Hank Conger. The Mark Cresse School of Baseball has expanded to three sites in Costa Mesa/Irvine, Laguna Niguel and Chino Hills. The camp serves youth from ages 5 to 13.

Mark Cresse School of Baseball
P.O. Box 1596
Newport Beach, CA 92659
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.