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NorCal Travel Ball Baseball Camps* - SportStars Magazine
A once in a lifetime experience. On field instruction with the top college coaches and recruiters on the west coast. Off field instruction on life and academic skills, planning, mental game, recruiting, nutrition and training. Incredible venue. Amazing coaches. Great social and personal experience. You'd have to go to 3 different major showcases to get in front of this caliber and breadth of college coaches and we are bringing them to one place. Info: (415) 454-1420

Put players in front of college recruiting decision-makers, not just Volunteers and "Ops Guys"
Create a once-in-a-lifetime event for players that merges opportunity with a great experience
Provide information not just on baseball skills, but the life skills needed to be successful as a college student-athlete

At NCTB we do things different.
We have no interest in running a "run-of-the-mill" showcase/exposure event. Nothing against them, they do some players some good, but we try to make it special. What do strong High School aged players want & need in the summer time? An event that offers great competition, great experience and camaraderie, and a chance to play for and in front of the college coaches who make real recruiting decisions.

So here's the dirty secret of showcase events that list 20 or 30 schools... Most of the coaches are "volunteer assistants" and "Director of Operations" type coaches, not the Head Coach or Recruiting Coordinator. Some of the young volunteers are great coaches and there is some value in being around them, but they don't make recruiting decisions. So we wanted to put an event together to get our players in front of the decision-makers. And we did. Last year's Super Camp had 12 Recruiting Coordinators from big-time schools and this year's event will be even more stacked.

NorCal Travel Ball Baseball Camps*
La Rue Rd & Orchard Rd
Davis, CA 95616
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