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Learn-To-Row Summer Camps is open to all junior students 8th and up. Come and try the sport of rowing in a fun and informative camp designed for beginners! Each camp runs for 2 weeks, Monday-Friday, from 8:30 am to 12 noon, and includes rowing, land training, video review, nutrition, and rowing in both small and large racing shells. No experience necessary! Just bring warm exercise clothes, and a desire to learn and have fun. Info: 415-242-0252;

Rowing has been described as the "ultimate team sport" because each rower's individual effort, no matter how great, must harmonize with that of every other rower to create the smooth, synchronous flow of a winning boat.

Pacific Rowing Club*
Camp Dates
Pacific Rowing Club* - APRIL 24TH - APRIL 25TH, 10 AM - 10 AM