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Paramount Tumbling and AcroGymnastics* - SportStars Magazine
Paramount Tumbling & AcroGymnastics is proud to have a skilled team of individuals all working towards one goal, enriching young lives with the art of gymnastics. With the use of positive reinforcement and thoughtful training we are committed to bringing fun, fitness, and skills that will last a lifetime to your child. What is known to be a disciplined sport is also a fantastic outlet for your child to be creative and experience the value of teamwork. Info: 408-260-0403;

Here at Paramount we mainly focus on developing floor gymnastics skills. Gymnastics is a sport that requires many apparatuses, which require a lot of time spent on each one. We have noticed that kids that begin gymnastics would like to master a certain skill whether it’s a cartwheel or a back flip. By focusing mainly on one apparatus (floor) we are able to see progress in each student much more steadily and rapidly.

Paramount Tumbling and AcroGymnastics*
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.