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San Ramon GC Tri Valley Golf Clinics.* - SportStars Magazine
Improving your skills means lower scores and more fun! Call one of our highly trained Golf Professionals for individual or group lessons. Rates vary by instructor and type of lesson, but are always affordable and your best investment for enjoying golf more.

GOLF CLINICS: Clinic programs are divided into three playing levels from Beginner to Advanced players. Each clinic is designed to cover all aspects of the game from the swing to short game and putting with an emphasis on technique based on level of playing ability.
Each Clinic Program Provides 4 One Hour Teaching Clinics for $99

Covers the basic fundamentals of the proper grip, stance and swing with an emphasis on rules and etiquette
4 One Hour Clinics for $99 Per Player

Camp Coaches
Camp Director
David Suh
San Ramon GC Tri Valley Golf Clinics.*
9430 Fircrest Ln.
San Ramon, CA 94583
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.