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Sienna Ranch is a family run summer camp geared toward connecting kids to nature through a variety of outdoor activities. The camp is split up into different areas: archery, art studio, horse experience, nature and adventure, and wood shop. Activities include hiking, farm life and animal care, old-fashioned arts and crafts, horseback riding, experimental building (tree forts!), and more. Half day and full day camps are available. Info: or call (925) 283-6311

ARCHERY:Campers will enjoy learning or improving their archery skills with an opportunity to shoot for at least an hour and a half each day on Sienna Ranch’s designated archery range, with distances ranging from 10 to 25 yards. Instructors model and encourage proper shooting form and techniques and help campers to reach their potential. Over the course of the week, campers will be given the opportunity to work on several archery related crafts, such as leather arm guards and homemade wooden arrows. Beginners are always welcome!

EQUESTRIAN: Fun With Horses campers do exactly that, spend a week having fun with horses! Children in this special interest camp will have the opportunity to learn to “speak horse”, as they are introduced to the various ways horses communicate with each other and with us. Using fun games and activities, campers will learn about colors and breeds of horses, parts of a pony, and gaits. They will participate in the various ways we care for horses to keep them healthy and happy, such as grooming, stall care, and feeding. Highlights of this week for many of our campers are the times spent with pony rides, vaulting, leading, and grazing, and creating chalk or painted murals right on a horse!

POTTERY: Campers will be delighted by making useful and beautiful clay projects in Sienna Ranch’s brand new pottery camp. This hands-on exploration into pottery has a unique Ranch twist as campers learn to put their imagination into their creations. We will explore new hand building techniques each day and complete take-home projects which encourage investigation into size, shape and form.
Students will deepen and ground their understanding of the medium by making their own clay to take home. This camp is appropriate for beginners and returning potters.

FOR WHO: Kids entering K-6th grade. Grade level availability varies by week.
BY WHO: Sienna Ranch full-time staff.
WHEN: June, July or August

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Sienna Ranch*
Sienna Ranch, 3232 Deer Hill Road in
Lafayette, CA
Camp Dates
Sienna Ranch* - May 30 - Aug 12