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Skatetown Hockey ‘Camp Cool’ (Day Camp)* - SportStars Magazine
KIDS LOVE OUR YOUTH CAMPS! Youth clinics and advanced camps provide your child with training on a wide range of skills that will help all aspects of their game…skating, passing, shooting, agility, puck-handling, puck possession/protection, teamwork & more. Info: (916) 783-8550 x109

Specialty Camps & Clinics include:
FREESTYLE Figure Skating Camp - Learn new skills, make new friends!

Prime Time Youth Camp - Advanced skating techniques, agility & puck control

Getchel Youth Hockey Clinics - Focus on team concepts, skating & skills development

Advanced Youth Clinics - Geared toward house & travel league players

Robby Glantz Power Skating Clinic - Power moves & puck handling for all ages & skill levels

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Skatetown Hockey ‘Camp Cool’ (Day Camp)*
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Skatetown Hockey ‘Camp Cool’ (Day Camp)* - Hockey Camp