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Sports Speed Academy by Eddie Hart.* - SportStars Magazine
Speed Training by Olympic Track Athletes... getting you to run your fastest. Sports Speed Academy is the answer to gaining the speed you need at the next level. All academies and clinics are segmented into speed focus sessions. We start with form running, progress to stride, foot speed and explosion. We then instruct you on applying these techniques to your specific sport. Info:

At Sports Speed Academy our focus is simple... getting you to run your fastest. Whether its football, basketball, baseball, soccer or track and field, our proven system will improve your running mechanics and increase your speed. NCAA 100m champion and Olympic gold medalist Eddie Hart has created the "Sports Speed Curriculum" to improve speed in all sports.

The "Sports Speed Curriculum" is taught by our former Olympian coaching staff. The skill set for the type of speed you will need for each sport maybe similar, but they each have target areas that Sports Speed Academy has isolated to improve your on field or on court performance.

Pre Season Prep • Weekend Clinics, Pro Days, Combines.

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Sports Speed Academy by Eddie Hart.*
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