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Swim Stitute* - SportStars Magazine
During the year we hold swim clinics that are designed for the summer league swimmer who wants more practice time to develop better stroke habits. Each group swims once per week, allowing the swimmer to still practice 4 times per week with thier summer team.

We run our Spring/Summer clinics just like our Fall/Winter clinics, but since we aren't restricted to length of practice, we swim each group longer than a typical summer team. We are able to coach our drills, using longer swims, incorporating turns, breath control and a bit of endurace. Skills often not being addressed by the summer teams.

To keep the swimmer to coach ratio low, we limit each swim group to 12 swimmers. Much lower than other clinics in the Sacramento area. We strive on teaching young swimmers to swim each stroke correctly, and we find they learn more, quicker, in smaller groups.

Our indoor swimming pool is perfect for swim clinics. We are indoors, away from the blazing sun, and since we don't have 'rec' swim, very little distraction. And we have free WiFi for the parents.

Swim Stitute*
11335 B Folsom Blvd
Rancho Cordova , CA 95742
Camp Dates
Swim Stitute* - Spring Indoor Swim Clinics (March 2022 )
Swim Stitute* - Fall/Winter Indoor Swim Clinics
Swim Stitute* - TUTE-TASTIC (or TUTERRIFIC) Indoor Stroke Clinics