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Sylvano Tennis Academy* - SportStars Magazine
Each year, Sylvano Tennis Academy has sent countless junior players to national tournaments, college tennis, and the best universities in the nation. By combining classical tennis form and philosophy with innovative training techniques, the academy is able to achieve the highest level of tennis education. No aspect of the game is untouched. Mental, physical, and strategic training are all included in the curriculum.Info: (408) 309-5761;

In 1997 Sylvano Simone began teaching tennis professionally. My philosophy and coaching experience come from my days training at Nick Bolletteri Tennis Academy (for over 4 years), playing collegiate tennis, and playing the tennis circuit for 8 years. These experiences gave me the knowledge to develop champions at the junior level and produce college players for the past 18 years. Success comes from hard work, intensive training, and dedication to hours of training.
“Our coaches bring the energy, the knowledge, the experience, and the dedication.”
My motto: Discipline, Dedication, and Mental Toughness are the core beliefs of the academy. Our goal is to take every student and improve them. We give all our players attention and coaching with great coach-to-student ratio. Train to win!

Sylvano Tennis Academy*
5155 Stars and Stripes Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.