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True Grit Sports Performance Combine Clinics & Conditioning Camps* - SportStars Magazine
The True Grit Sports / Sports Performance - Team football combine and camps/clinics are designed to prepare our TGS Blue Chip / Next Up - athletes for this spring/summer football. The True Grit Sports - Performance / Conditioning - Camp / Clinic is a one, two, or three day sports performance / conditioning camp.

Our camps and clinics are designed to introduce the basic building blocks for speed, strength and agility in sports. Each camp and clinic is led by a team of coaches from the Elk Grove /Sacramento/Stockton/East-Bay areas. This coaching team has a combined expertise that exceeds 20 years of sports training and conditioning. Our camps will be scheduled for both an indoor and outdoor participation. The first day includes classroom instruction; the second and third day is outdoor participation. Rates are determined by the size of the team or group, and how many days required for the camp. (A group of 5 or more is considered a team). All prospects are required to provide the appropriate apparel needed for both indoor and outdoor participation. All camps and clinics will be held throughout the fall, winter, spring and summer. Info: Eric Thompson;

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True Grit Sports Performance Combine Clinics & Conditioning Camps*
San Joaquin, CA
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Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.