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Two Rivers Lacrosse Camp* - SportStars Magazine
Two Rivers Lacrosse Academy offers lacrosse improvement programs for all levels, for Girls ages 7-17 and partners with Tenacity Lacrosse. HIGH SCHOOL OLYMPIC ACADEMY is 5 hours of lacrosse per day for High School Team Players (varsity veterans and varsity hopefuls) who want to further develop their skills and understanding of team play. This intense program helps players maximize their potential and prepare for the challenge of college lacrosse.

3.5 hours of lacrosse per day: Combining Lacrosse training with an equal amount of High Sierra Camp Activities these players will train in the morning and evening and enjoy a multitude of Outdoor Activities during breaks.

5 hours of lacrosse per day: For players with at least two years of organized lacrosse play and past experience or aspirations for Select Team Play. The Select program offers comprehensive training in the morning, afternoon and evening with ample opportunity during breaks for the other great outdoor activities.

Two Rivers Lacrosse Academy offers a special skill development training program for goalkeepers with coaches trained in these specialties (extra charge for this program). Offered each session.

Camp Coaches
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Two Rivers Lacrosse Camp*
Camp Dates
Two Rivers Lacrosse Camp* - August 7-13 (2022)