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The Ultimate Fieldhouse Basketball Camps* - SportStars Magazine
Our Director of Basketball Training will take you through an intense and advanced workout program on our Ultimate Shooting Machines. The program provides you with the instruction and repetitions needed to perfect your shot, be it off the catch, the dribble or a screen. Our ULTIMATE HOOPS TRAINING sessions help perfect and develop your skills in a more focused environment, leading to exponential gains in your game!

Plus, Ultimate Performance training is designed for athletes of all levels. Whether you are just getting started or looking to improve your performance for a high school, college or professional career, we have a program designed to fit your needs. No matter what your level, you will benefit from becoming stronger, faster, quicker and in better over all shape...and Ultimate Performance training will accomplish just that!

The Ultimate Fieldhouse Basketball Camps*
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The Ultimate Fieldhouse Basketball Camps* - 2022 Basketball Camps