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Umigo Indoor Kart Race Camp* - SportStars Magazine
Imagine driving a high performance go kart at breathtaking speed... You Can Do It! It's Easy. It's a Blast! Race camp teaches you cornering and passing techniques and a solid understanding of the racing experience.

A Welcoming Environment: We know that most of you have never done this before and it is our goal to thank you for coming and to help you to become comfortable with the activity. We aspire to direct, guide and coach you through your first session so that you are ready to conquer the track on your next session. We will give you as much or as little direction as you want through straight forward one on one help. Ask for help and we will provide it. Many of our customers are great friends of our staff. By racing here, you can become part of our family. We are a small family owned business, and our culture reflects that throughout our staff.
The Lightest and Most Unregulated GoKarts: Why is that good? Simply because you are going to have more challenge and fun on the track, the closest thing to real racing. Imagine taking our karts and adding 300 to 400 more pounds on the kart (hint battery go karts weigh a ton, and are horribly balanced).... a go kart is supposed to be light, toss-able and fun. Umigo has no match in this area, we simply offer you a blast on the track.
We Don't Slow You Down! Umigo does not (as a policy) employ artificial regulators unless you choose to ignore our instructions. Yes, we are focused #1 on the safety of our guests and our staff, but we communicate to you with words, signs and flags. It's just a bit more human AND we have to own up to our calls instead of hiding behind a control tower. Our goal is to help you improve as a driver, not to be your enemy during your visit. The list of "never-done-it before" drivers converted to "best in class" drivers from Umigo is a long one. You can be there too!
We Let You Race! That may sound silly, but many places are so focused on protecting their equipment that they forget why indoor racing exists. It's for YOUR fun! Again safety first, but if you are not hitting the walls nor other drivers recklessly, we want you to have a blast out there. We have our rules that you must formall

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Umigo Indoor Kart Race Camp*
6538 Patterson Pass Road
Livermore, CA
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