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Welcome to our natural world. At Wanderers we strive to instill in children a sense of wonder and a passion for the outdoors. We not only teach them about many of the plants and animals that we encounter, but we also allow them to interact and play outside in a more spontaneous way. We give instruction where needed, but also allow children to express themselves and use their creativity in problem-solving and teamwork activities and situations. Info: 415-643-5686;

Wanderers offers 5-6 day sleep-away camps and backpacking trips, for kids, ages 7-14. While kids at other SF Bay area camps are stuck in one place, we spend our days touching tide pool starfish, finding huckleberries, spotting tule elk, playing among the redwoods, rock climbing on granite, and camping and backpacking in remote wilderness areas throughout Northern California. Team-building games, experiential learning, leadership exercises and an end-of-the-week challenge are all part of the fun.

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Wanderers Camps*
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