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Xplosion Volleyball Clinic & Camps* - SportStars Magazine
The Xplosion Volleyball Club has its own private State-of-the-Art Training facility. With 2 fully equipped, on-site volleyball courts, our teams never have to worry about where their next practice will be.

Vollleyball Clinic:

Sunday, Sept. 17th, 2017

Session One: 5th - 8th grades 10am-12pm

Session Two: High School Girls 1pm-3pm

Clinics are $25 per participant.

* Future Volleyball clinics will take place every Sunday between now and our 1st Tryout date Nov. 4th. As we get closer to tryouts, expect more clinics to be added and time slots to change.

Xplosion Volleyball Clinic & Camps*
7505 Eleventh St
Tracy, California 95304
Camp Dates
Xplosion Volleyball Clinic & Camps* - ​SUMMER Volleyball Camps!