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GOLDEN DAY FOR KNIGHT | Menlo School’s Kate Hsia Delivers Rare Tennis Feat
Junior Singles Player Kate Hsia Produces Golden Match Of 48 Consecutive Points In A Mid-October Win During West Bay Athletic League Play Story & Photos: Pam McKenney for Menlo School Menlo’s legendary coach Bill Shine has been around tennis for over 60 years, his teams have won 27 Central... Read more
SportStars’ Bay Area 75 Athlete Rankings 2023 | Nos. 50-26
Our 11th Annual Bay Area 75 Athlete Rankings For The ’22-’23 School Year Continues On With Nos. 50-26 PICTURED ABOVE: No. 39, Money Williams of Oakland High Welcome to our 11th annual Bay Area 75 rankings — SportStars’ countdown of the top 75 Bay Area athletes from the 2022-23... Read more
Can the USMNT compete at the 2022 World Cup
Can the US lift the World Cup in Qatar? Soccer has struggled for recognition for a long time in the United States, dwarfed by more traditional sports such as American football, baseball and basketball. Despite having a population of 328million, more than the last four World Cup-winning countries combined,... Read more
Bryson’s First Pitch: Resorting To Imagination
Bryson’s First Pitch July 2020: The sports dimmer switch is dialed all the way up. Just when we thought we were out, it pulled us back in. As coronavirus cases rise throughout the state, and California Gov. Gavin Newsom scales back that sports “dimmer switch”, the July 20 target... Read more
Why is California Such a Hotbed for Baseball?
Baseball fans around the world know that California is a hotbed for talent. What is it about the “Golden State” that creates these incredible athletes? If you look into the details of this region, you can draw a clear picture of why California will continue to produce top tier... Read more
Is Sports Betting Legal in California?
Not yet, but you can bet it’s coming. Paid College Athletes and Sports Betting Present Big Changes for California Sports. Two significant changes are on the horizon for California sports in 2020. The recent move to allow payments to NCAA college athletes and a fall approval of sports betting... Read more
Miami Teen, the Next Big Star in US Soccer?
Another Freddy Edu, or the next big star in US Soccer? Training out of La Masia, FC Barcelona’s youth development facility and a breeding ground of greats, a Miami teen with Haitian roots is turning heads in the soccer world. Few U.S. soccer players have made it on the... Read more
Grads Focus on Technique, Mobility at “The Foundation”
Building On Movement Technique, Proper Mobility Are Focal Points Of College Park Football Grads Who Co-Own Concord’s The Foundation training facility Daniel Adler’s training facility is known as The Foundation: House of Movement for a good reason. His goal is to get young athletes to move the right way.... Read more
St. Francis Soccer Pinnacle of Success
Soccer Program Named Winner of the Inaugural Team Pinnacle Award by United Soccer Coaches The St. Francis soccer program was named one of 36 high school schools (26 girl’s programs) in the nation to receive the inaugural Team Pinnacle Award by the United Soccer Coaches. The Troubadours were the... Read more
Call it What You Will, This is What All Athletes Strive For
The Athletes Paragon There’s a new term for it every few years. Currently it’s “high-functioning athlete.” But “elite athlete”, “superstar”, “baller”… all fit the bill. Cal QB standout, Coach Mike Pawlawski says, regardless of the vernacular, it’s the paragon all athletes strive for. To be so good that you... Read more
Bryson’s First Pitch: Best of the Decade
What do Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist water polo player Maggie Steffens and Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon all have in common? They all played high school sports in Northern California during the SportStars Magazine Era. That era will reach 10 full years in... Read more
What Can You Do For Healthier Happier Feet?
Discover the Arches of Your Feet You’re healthy, you feel good, you’re strong. So what can you do to optimize your health and performance? Check the arches of your feet. Feet are the most forgotten part of our bodies, but if our feet aren’t happy, our body isn’t happy.... Read more