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How To Prepare For Summer Tournaments and Competitions
Summer is an exciting time for youth athletes, especially those who plan to participate in summer tournaments and competitions. While some might use the summer to focus on recovery or enjoy summer sports recreationally in a lighthearted way, those who have events lined up need to keep their game... Read more
How To Deal With Heat And Humidity During Summer Runs
Many track and field athletes continue trekking and logging their weekly mileage throughout the summer. Whether it’s staying conditioned, preparing for summer competitions, or the upcoming cross country season, heat nor humidity can stop a runner from getting their workouts done. However, the season’s heat and humidity can pose... Read more
Basketball’s Team USA Wins Against Canada In First Olympic Exhibition
The Team USA’s Olympic men’s basketball team was victorious in its first Paris Olympic exhibition against Canada with a final score of 86-72. But it wasn’t a slam dunk. Team USA was off to a rough start at the T-Mobile Arena on Thursday when Canada took over the court... Read more
Best Sneakers For Summer 2024 Workouts
While most people live their entire summers in flip-flops and sandals, there is just no way we could survive without picking out a new pair of sneakers to wear for our workouts. From running sneakers to those designed for the gym to those to travel up and down the... Read more
Hi-Top Hoops Buzzer Beater Starts Summer Tournaments
Temperatures are rising this summer outside and also on the court. That’s because Saturday is the start of Hi-Top Hoops’ inaugural summer session of its new elite tournament series. Called the Las Vegas Buzzer Beater, this basketball tournament is scheduled from July 11-14. Held at the Doolittle Community Center... Read more
Hi-Top Hoops Basketball Tournament Kicks Off Next Week
Youth basketball players around the U.S. are getting ready to attend the Hi-Top Hoops Las Vegas Legacy tournament next week. And for those who are still hoping to attend, registration is still open. Hi-Top Hoops is currently still taking remigration for players all week long. The Las Vegas Legacy... Read more
Gear For Summer Workouts You Need —And Products You Don’t

This is your summer workout guide to all the best gear you need—and then gear you don’t.

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Rest Smart: The Importance of Recovery and How to Incorporate It Training
For youth athletes, training hard is often stressed. Without putting in the hard work, success won’t come. It’s important to train and work on sports skill sets, but recovery is key for optimal performance. Incorporating proper rest into your training can prevent injuries, and promote long-term athletic development. The... Read more
Preventing and Treating Common Summer Sports Injuries

Summer is a prime time for high school athletes to engage in sports. Here’s an athlete’s guide to keeping safe and managing injuries in the summer.

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Cardio Workouts For Hot Weather To Build Endurance
As summer temperatures rise, high school athletes face the challenge of maintaining their fitness levels while staying safe in the heat. Endurance training is crucial for any athlete, as it boosts cardiovascular health, enhances performance, and builds mental toughness. However, high-intensity workouts in the hot, summer weather increase to... Read more
From Backyard Games to Big Leagues: How to Get Scouted in Football
Every young football player dreams of one day making it to the big leagues. It’s easy to imagine the roar of the crowd in hopes that the thrill of the game at an elite level becomes a reality. But how does an ambitious footballer go from playing casual backyard... Read more
How To Recover From A Team Loss
Both in life and sports we experience wins and losses. Experiencing a team loss can be challenging for youth athletes. It’s natural to feel disappointed, frustrated, or even discouraged after a defeat. However, recovering from a loss is a critical skill that can help athletes grow and improve. Athletes... Read more