How to Keep Fuel in Your Tank to Perform At Your Best!
Keeping Fuel in Your Tank. Learn how to fuel to perform at your best!  “Coach Sarah said that this was my year to be the leader on the cross-country team!” Reese exclaims. “And if I just gave it my all, we’d be the first girls’ team at our high... Read more
Nico Young Gatorade XC Boy Athlete of the Year
Nico Young 2019-20 Gatorade National Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year In the lead during the 2019 Nike Cross Nationals, Nico Young – Newbury Park High School senior raced to the national championship this past season, breaking the tape at the Nike Cross Nationals Final with a course-record.... Read more
Foot Locker 2019 Race Reflections
This month’s Foot Locker Race Championships had so much to offer, that it’s hard to know where to begin with to review. There really is so much that this year offered and it transcends what one might call the norm of racing. Each race in this sport is different... Read more

With little time between races, there was no clear favorite with the guys following a sterling girls race in the 2019 Foot Locker Nationals.

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Good Eats: Sports Diet and Exercise
Determining meals before and after exercise Before or after exercising, think twice about what you put in your body. Depending on your workout and intensity level, different exercises require varying methods of refueling. Roberta Anding, registered dietitian, sports dietitian and assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Baylor College of... Read more
Matt Strangio, Jesuit Cross Country CIF Champion
Sac-Joaquin’s Matt Strangio Kicks to 2nd Cross Country CIF Championship Win Matt Strangio, Jesuit-Carmichael Cross Country CIF Champion blazed through Fresno’s Woodward Park course in a time of 14 minutes and 44 seconds on Nov. 30. It was 16 full seconds faster than the next closest finisher and delivered... Read more
Dede Salcedo Quickly Becoming One of The Top Warriors
McFarland’s Dede Salcedo is now a freshman at Stanislaus State For someone with a vocal cord dysfunction, Dede Salcedo is pretty talkative. She likes talking about running, of course. And her new life at Stanislaus State, about her hometown, and Kevin Costner. Her upbeat personality has been the talk... Read more
Riley Chamberlain: Del Oro Cross Country’s Rabbit Whisperer
A Dominant State Champion Cross Country Runner As A Freshman A Year Ago, Del Oro’s Riley Chamberlain Isn’t Shy About Her Olympic Aspirations • She prefers to train in a chatty group. But in competition, Riley Chamberlain has only the trail and her thoughts for company. “I will think... Read more
Shoes, Water and… What’s in a Cross Country Runners Bag?
You track spikes have been put away, and cross country season is about to begin. So, what’s in your bag? Being a cross country runner, I always carry my running backpack with me filled with my most favorite items. What’s in there you ask? Here are the top six... Read more
How to Avoid Foot or Ankle Injuries While Running on the Beach
Six tips for your next jaunt by the sea to keep your feet and ankles injury free. We live in California so why not capitalize on the beauty of the beach while enjoying the strength-enhancing workout of running on the beach. Running on the beach can strengthen your ankle... Read more
How to Alleviate Foot and Heel Pain
As athletes, we deal with foot issues throughout our careers. It’s just part of the drill. Our feet are the workhorses of our workouts! But does that mean we have to suffer foot discomfort when were off the field of play? Muir Orthopedic doctors have answers. Here’s how to... Read more
3 Things to Try if You’re Suffering From Back Pain
Getting ready for long-distance runs? Like any sport, running can bring on various injuries or pain. Back pain is pretty common with runners. Its solution may be a simple stretch or when the issue is more complex, what’s required is a structural shift. Elijah Rogge of Castro Valley High... Read more