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Video Series: Training Young Athletes

Mental Toughness

We are moving on to the next video in the R.A.C.E. Formula Video Series: Training Young Athletes.

“A” is for Awareness.

Parents, by the end of this video, you are going to understand more about a young competitor’s mind than 95% of all coaches in all sports and endeavors.

 I teach this same principle to kids as young as 8 years old (and in the Mental Toughness academy), ..and they get it because it’s a key to unlocking their power to change whatever isn’t working for them.

In the A. video, I use the story of a fictitious movie athlete to help you get the awareness you need in a fun and entertaining way.

In R.A.C.E. Formula Video Series: Training Young Athletes

A. for Awareness, you will learn and understand:

    •    Why you can now ignore advice like “face your fears” or “push through your fears.”

    •    The control mechanism for the overpowering force within you that sabotages talent (and willpower).

    •    How to master the equation, Performance = Potential – Interference.

    •    The true reason anyone isn’t performing their best consistently and how to fix it.


Video 2 – Awareness

Listen, the awareness in this video is big, if you get it.

And once you do, so much of what your kids do will make much more sense. It can literally change your life, while improving your kid’s performance.

If you don’t get it after watching the video, ask me your questions. There’s a comments field below the video. I answer all of them, so hit me with them!

Most people are walking around with their problems and no idea why they are so stuck, let alone how to clear them.

You don’t need to be like them. The biggest fear of all is fear of the unknown. When you make things known (Aware), fear is destroyed!

Let’s do this,

Craig Sigl

Mental Toughness Trainer

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