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Bryson’s First Pitch: Resorting To Imagination
Bryson’s First Pitch July 2020: The sports dimmer switch is dialed all the way up. Just when we thought we were out, it pulled us back in. As coronavirus cases rise throughout the state, and California Gov. Gavin Newsom scales back that sports “dimmer switch”, the July 20 target... Read more
Bryson’s First Pitch: Best of the Decade
What do Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist water polo player Maggie Steffens and Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon all have in common? They all played high school sports in Northern California during the SportStars Magazine Era. That era will reach 10 full years in... Read more
First Pitch: CIF on High School Sports Officials
First Pitch: Black & White Issue On Jan. 11, the California Interscholastic Federation released an op-ed about high school sports officials. It was emailed to the various media outlets throughout the state which still cover high school sports. (It’s not as big a list as it used to be).... Read more
The Glorious Gridiron
Alas, it’s here. Our labor of love, and admittedly my favorite issue to work on every year. This is the eighth edition of our Football Preview, and I feel like it gets better each time we do it. This year we added our newest wrinkle, adding a Southern California... Read more
BRYSON: Summer Break
So my 2-year-old son has a cast on his left arm. That’s the summer my family is having. In actuality, the kid is taking it like a champ. Though if he were any older he’d be livid to know how his older brother was sneaking out back to swim... Read more