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2020 Diet Goals? Escape The Food Police
3 Reasons Dieting Shouldn’t Be Among Your 2020 Goals What’s the best 2020 diet? The beginning of the year brings many new things: New outlook, a fresh start and new year resolutions. Many people set resolutions concerning their weight, eating habits or workout routine. Commercials and advertisements abound for... Read more
Good Eats: Sports Diet and Exercise
Determining meals before and after exercise Before or after exercising, think twice about what you put in your body. Depending on your workout and intensity level, different exercises require varying methods of refueling. Roberta Anding, registered dietitian, sports dietitian and assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Baylor College of... Read more
World Series Keep You From a Good Night’s Sleep?
In the wake of this years’ World Series, late nights watching the big game on TV or at the stadium are inevitable. As we closed in on the final games of the World Series, a sleep expert at the Baylor College of Medicine asked, are there ways to feel... Read more
Farm to Table: What’s The Best Produce to Eat in October?
What’s The Best Produce to Eat in October? Try eating Farm to Table. We often get stuck in a rut, eating the same old foods day after day, week after week. Studies show that our grocery lists have the same foods on them time after time after time. This... Read more
How To Care For a Sprained Ankle
Probably the most overlooked and nagging injuries in sports is the dreaded sprained ankle. It happens in almost all sports from football to basketball, soccer to baseball. Ankle sprains do not discriminate by age, gender or sport. Current research places the incidence of ankle injuries at approximately 1 million... Read more
HEALTH WATCH: How does Icy Hot work to actually relieve muscle pain quickly?
I asked a group of high school athletes to list their most pressing questions about sports and health. Surprisingly, the most frequently asked questions were, “How does Icy Hot work? What are the benefits of Icy Hot and is Icy Hot good for sore muscles?” This group consists of student-athletes who... Read more
What Can You Do For Healthier Happier Feet?
Discover the Arches of Your Feet You’re healthy, you feel good, you’re strong. So what can you do to optimize your health and performance? Check the arches of your feet. Feet are the most forgotten part of our bodies, but if our feet aren’t happy, our body isn’t happy.... Read more
Mental Training: Excellence Defined
   What is Excellence? Seeking excellence is not the same as seeking perfection, but rather a perfect effort. Get Mental : Erika Westhoff    The term “excellence” is thrown around a lot in the world of competitive sports. I’m a fan of this word, so much so that I... Read more
How To Quickly Let Go and Move on From Mistakes
There’s Value in Your Mistakes. Making mistakes are a valuable mode of learning in sport. Athletes spend a lot of time fearing mistakes and coaches spend a lot of time reprimanding players for making them. How do you move on from mistakes? Ironically, trying to avoid mistakes is a... Read more
How to Avoid Foot or Ankle Injuries While Running on the Beach
Six tips for your next jaunt by the sea to keep your feet and ankles injury free. We live in California so why not capitalize on the beauty of the beach while enjoying the strength-enhancing workout of running on the beach. Running on the beach can strengthen your ankle... Read more
The 3 “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Low Back Pain
Back Pain Ends with this Defensive End Back pain is the most common reason for doctor visits and athletes are even more susceptible. Bishop O’Dowd’s 2020 tight end/defensive end, Colton Vardell, who has had recent offers by the New Mexico Lobos and USD, knows the short term benefits and... Read more
5 Innovative Ideas for Peak Performance and Superior Athletic Function
Go Paleo, do Crossfit or hit the weights. Eat organic veggies and clean meat, don’t miss practice, get rest, then run it back again. This is a popular formula for today’s athletes. But staying healthy and rising to the top demands more depth than that. Here are 5 Innovative... Read more