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The Detriment to Early Sport Specialization
Is it Wise to Specialize? In the last Issue I spoke about the importance of the long-term development of young athletes and how the microwave mentality (with the support of overwhelming research) clearly shows the detriment to early sport specialization among our youth. Today I will continue this conversation by... Read more
5 Tips To Proper Recovery Following Training, Practice, Games
Training Time: Road to Recovery Tips To Proper Recovery. Without sound recovery practices it’s only a matter of time before you find your performance suffering, yourself injured or suffering from over-training. Maybe you hate stretching, don’t have time to foam roll or sleep eight hours. My response to all those excuses... Read more
Training Time: Top Reasons In-Season Training is Vital
In-Season Training is vital. And that is why high school athletes who are in-season must budget their time extremely well. For most competitive athletes, the time and energy commitment needed to succeed in their chosen sport is very intense and time consuming. Many athletes quickly assume they will not... Read more
Repetitive Strain: Ankle Insurance Program for Optimal Performance
To get your athlete performing optimally we need to take a proactive approach. This helps to counteract the stress that is placed on the ankle joint. Here’s my Ankle Insurance Program for Optimal Performance against Repetitive Strain. Sports are extremely stressful to the body, and the ankle joint is no exception.... Read more
TRAINING TIME: Speed Requires Proper Recovery
There’s a fine line between condition training and speed training. And this requires proper recovery. If athletes are going to increase their speed, quickness and agility they must train at high speeds. Many times coaches keep the drills too long and the rest too short. This simply becomes a conditioning... Read more
Instinctive Athleticism: Top 3 Steps Improving Biomechanics
Plyo steps happen naturally to help the body produce force, but improving certain biomechanics can make it more effective. Training Time: Tim Rudd for IYCA The plyo step (see video below) is a movement that the body does instinctively to get your body in optimal acceleration angles — out of... Read more