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AcroSports Circus and Gymnastics!* - SportStars Magazine
AcroSports camp offers a fun filled week of jumping, bouncing, and clowning around while promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Experience in Circus Arts gives kids a chance to build strength, flexibility, and mind body awareness while also offering the understanding that skills are earned and success comes through an application of effort.

Children will be introduced to the various disciplines including tumbling, juggling, clowning, dance and aerial arts while also having the opportunity to engage in cooperative group games and free play. At the end of every week campers will have an opportunity to show their new skills in a performance for families.

Camp Coaches
Additional Coaches
AcroSports Circus and Gymnastics!*
San Francisco, CA 94117
Camp Dates
AcroSports Circus and Gymnastics!* - June 6th-Aug 12 (2022)