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Our facilities and labs offer state of the art equipment for exploring physical sciences, the natural world, and the great outer space while our fun summer activities help campers build crucial communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills. If you asked any of our returning campers they all would agree AstroCamp is special place where campers can make lasting friendships and truly come to find out who they are and where their passions lie. Info: 800-645-1423

Guided Discoveries strives to make a difference in the lives of children through unique opportunities of discovery. Founded in 1978 by Ross and Kristi Turner with help from long time board members Steve Garrett and Jerry Tambe, Guided Discoveries has grown into an organization that serves over 45,000 children annually.

Guided Discoveries has developed and operates a variety of outdoor education programs and summer camps. Guided Discoveries is a California not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) educational organization. Programs that have been developed and operated by Guided Discoveries include :

• Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) at Toyon Bay, Cherry Cove and Fox Landing
• Astrocamp, located at an elevation of 5,000' in Idyllwild, California, in the mountains above Palm Springs. 
• CIMI Tall Ship Expeditions aboard SSV TOLE MOUR, the largest sailing school vessel on the west coast.

All of Guided Discoveries’ programs emphasize hands-on programs that encourage the children to do the science. Through the use of “toys” and unique educational settings, the students or campers are connected to the experience. This connection leads to personal discoveries, which is the learning process. The programs also help California schools meet the state educational standards and provide students with programs that just cannot be duplicated in the traditional classroom.

Guided Discoveries’ entrepreneurial spirit has developed many unique programs that have taught over 500,000 students since 1978. The program’s focus on science education, critical thinking skills, environmental issues and personal development has had a lasting impact on many of these students. Some have even discovered their future from attendance at the programs.

One of the lasting legacies of Guided Discoveries is the faculty. Many young college graduates have developed hands-on teaching skills while at the programs. There are hundreds of Guided Discoveries faculty alumni teaching in schools throughout the west. Many of the former faculty can also be found in major aquariums, national sanctuaries, science centers and museums throughout the country. The growth and development of Guided Discoveries is a direct result of the energy, enthusiasm and contributions of the faculty over the years.

Guided Discoveries' dedication to children and the learning process will not tolerate the status quo. The culture of the company is to constantly evolve through the development of new activities, classes and programs and to always strive to provide quality service in all aspects of the experience. Outside the box thinking has made Guided Discoveries a leader in outdoor education and summer camps in the country.

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Brian Straka
Astro Camp
26800 Saunders Meadow Rd.
Idyllwild, CA 92549
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