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City of Walnut Creek Volleyball Camp* - SportStars Magazine
Walnut Creek Volleyball Camp Age: 8-13 offers a fully staffed and supervised volleyball camp. Spike and digs get you jumping and diving in this fun and energetic sport. Through fun skill-building and games, you will learn and develop your abilities on both sides of the net.

Beach Volleyball Students are introduced to the basics of beach volleyball, and will build on outdoor volleyball fundamentals such as passing, setting and serving. Program is held at Heather Farm Park at the sand volleyball courts.
Our Comp Programs focus on improving skills and developing teamwork/sportsmanship within supportive and challenging practices/games. Tryouts are required, playing time is not guaranteed, and competitive games will be played at area middle schools. Program will be training primarily indoor with some outdoor activity depending on gym availability/coach discretion.
And our Girls Intramural Volleyball is a 6-week program where students are introduced to the basic fundamentals of the game as well as the advancement of current skills and abilities. Games are played among FH and WCI teams. Training is primarily indoors with some outdoor activity.

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City of Walnut Creek Volleyball Camp*
975 North San Carlos Drive
Walnut Creek, California 94598
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City of Walnut Creek Volleyball Camp* - Arts + Rec Spring & Summer Camps 2022