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CORE Performance Strong School-* - SportStars Magazine
Sports Performance Training! We offer three tracks for athletes of all ages and experience. Youth (ages 8-11), Developmental (ages 12-14) and Advanced programs (ages 15-18) Each class offers a unique stimulus and is specially tailored to improve a specific area in sports. If you want to spend your Spring or Summer getting stronger and faster in our state-of-the-art sports performance training center is designed to meet the needs of youth, high school, professional athletes and adult fitness, then Strong School is For YOU!

Our Youth Program (ages 8-11), helps Elementary School Athletes increase coordination, balance, running mechanics and overall body awareness. Participants in this program learn proper lifting technique using wooden dowels and medicine balls.

The Developmental Program (ages 12-14), works with Middle School Athletes to prepare them for the next level. During an intense 60-minute session, athletes focus on flexibility, injury prevention, core strength, acceleration and lateral movement mechanics, and explosive strength via Olympic weightlifting.

And our Advanced Program (ages 15-18), is a general fitness class for kids of all ages and ability levels. Through a blend of various training elements from running to weightlifting, athletes will see improvements in such physical skills as endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility.

CORE Performance Strong School-*
6270 Houston Place
Dublin, CA 94568
Camp Dates
CORE Performance Strong School-* - Youth Program (ages 8-11) Mon.- Fri. 4:30 pm
CORE Performance Strong School-* - Developmental Program (ages 12-14) Mon.- Fri. 5:30 pm
CORE Performance Strong School-* - Advanced Program (ages 15-18) Mon.- Fri. 6:30 pm