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USA Triathlon High Performance Junior Camps play a key role in preparing young athletes for national and international competition. Camps designated under this program are aligned with the goals and objectives of the USAT High Performance Plan, a four year plan developed in conjunction with the U.S. Olympic Committee. or 831-659-5639

The Southwest Region Triathlon Skills Camp is a five-day overnight camp for athletes 13-18 years old (in 2016), held at the University of  California- Santa Barbara from June 21-25. 

The camp is the perfect place to enhance your triathlon skills under the supervision of an expert coaching staff.  Participants will take part in daily swim (including open water in the pacific ocean), bike and run workouts. They will also participate in USA Triathlon bench mark testing.  They will receive one-on-one sport-specific instruction, as well as lessons in goal setting, the art of balancing school sports and triathlon training, detailed information on how to move through the USAT athlete development pipeline, available USAT and USAT Southwest age specific opportunities and race strategy for non-drafting and draft-legal triathlon competition. 

Emphasis will be placed on developing correct bike handling skills and road safety, open water specific swim skills, proper running form, transition speed as well as many other related skills.  Athletes will enjoy getting to know peers who share a similar interest and passion for the sport of triathlon. This camp is open to all levels of interested youth and junior triathletes. Each athlete will be evaluated and placed in an appropriate age/experience group.  Performance data collected at the camp will be shared with USA Triathlon and could result in invitations to participate in subsequent USAT national programs.

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USA Triathlon National Skills Camp*
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