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Lindsey Berg Benchmarks For Good Volleyball Setting Touch
The younger you start to refine your setting touch, the better chance you have of being really good at it when you get older. Reps, reps and more reps are the key. As you work on your touch, here are 4 benchmarks for good setting touch to gauge your... Read more
Lindsey Berg’s Volleyball Drills to Improve “Touch”
Hi y’all. Last blog I talked about keys to accurate setting, using what I call the “W” hand positioning. You can find that post here. Today I want to share with you two drills to improve touch; Catch and Toss and Floor Sets. Lets dive right in. TWO DRILLS... Read more
Lindsey Berg’s Volleyball Keys to More Accurate Setting Using the “W”
Hi there, Lindsey Berg again imparting strategy from my “Short Setters Handbook”! In my last volleyball tips for setters blog post we discussed setting “touch”. Your ability to have a good feel for the ball. It’s a very important part of delivering what your hitters need. A good feel helps... Read more
Does Athletic IQ Translate to Academic IQ?
LeBron James has an amazing basketball IQ. Does that mean that he is intelligent outside of basketball? Does Athletic IQ translate to academic IQ? My mentor reminds me constantly that truth (athletic IQ does translate to academic IQ) was parallel. He believes that certain principles are universal. For instance,... Read more
It’s Important to Stay Fit While Staying at Home
Staying at Home Doesn’t Mean Boredom. Or flabby muscles! Dr. Shah tells us how to stay fit while staying at home! Current shelter-in-place orders have created significant struggles for each household. While it is easy to get bogged down with negative thoughts, it is better to focus on the... Read more
GPP- Maximizing Performance: In-Season Training
GPP, General Physical Preparation, is a key for maximum performance. The competitive, or “in-season” phase of the football season begins with the first week of practice in August and ends the day after the last game. During the competitive phase, the goal is to continue to allow you to... Read more
Peak Performance Training: Right Place, Right Time
Understanding How To Maximize Your Training So You Can Play Your Best Comes Down to Peaking In my last post, I shared the training concept called periodization. The idea of sectioning your training time and setting specific goals during each section of time. We reviewed the four phases to... Read more
How to Keep Fuel in Your Tank to Perform At Your Best!
Keeping Fuel in Your Tank. Learn how to fuel to perform at your best!  “Coach Sarah said that this was my year to be the leader on the cross-country team!” Reese exclaims. “And if I just gave it my all, we’d be the first girls’ team at our high... Read more
What’s the most important concept to teach an athlete? Confidence.
Parent Q: What is the single most important concept that you teach your students? A: Confidence is the Key!!! Confidence is the glue that allows you to hold on to difficult subject matter. The single most important concept that I teach my kids is confidence. I might be an... Read more
How to Maximize Performance Training Time
Stop Wasting Your Time. Start Maximizing Your PerformanceTraining Time It’s all about time management. None of us have time to waste. Especially performance training time that should lead to peaking at just the right moment! The development of a properly outlined training regimen has a tremendous effect on an... Read more
Grads Focus on Technique, Mobility at “The Foundation”
Building On Movement Technique, Proper Mobility Are Focal Points Of College Park Football Grads Who Co-Own Concord’s The Foundation training facility Daniel Adler’s training facility is known as The Foundation: House of Movement for a good reason. His goal is to get young athletes to move the right way.... Read more
Call it What You Will, This is What All Athletes Strive For
The Athletes Paragon There’s a new term for it every few years. Currently it’s “high-functioning athlete.” But “elite athlete”, “superstar”, “baller”… all fit the bill. Cal QB standout, Coach Mike Pawlawski says, regardless of the vernacular, it’s the paragon all athletes strive for. To be so good that you... Read more