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Pickleball continues to be a popular sport across the United States. Players are attracted to how fun of a sport it is, as it combines elements of tennis badminton, and ping pong. It’s easy to learn how to play, featuring just a few rules. In this post, we will lay out all the rules of... Read more

A new study found that 20-second of sprint intervals are more effective and beneficial to performance and shorter intervals.

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If you are looking to start throwing heat then it’s time to work on how to better improve pitching technique. No matter if you just are starting or if you are looking to level up with sights on the big leagues, all pitchers can benefit from learning new ways... Read more
How To Increase Endurance To Maximize Performance
Athletes know that endurance is key to excelling in their sport. Whether running the soccer field, dominating the basketball court, or powering through a lacrosse game, stamina is needed to be able to perform. But how can athletes increase endurance to maximize performance to take athletic performance to the next level? There are a... Read more