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Know & GO Podcast | Ep. 1: Armed & Ready
In The Debut Episode Of Our New Ask-The-Expert Podcast, We Talk Arm Safety And Injury Prevention With Dr. Charles Preston • For the show’s first episode, one of the East Bay’s most renowned sports medicine practitioners as Dr. Charles Preston joins the show.  Dr. Preston is the head team... Read more
HEALTH WATCH: How does Icy Hot work to actually relieve muscle pain quickly?
I asked a group of high school athletes to list their most pressing questions about sports and health. Surprisingly, the most frequently asked questions were, “How does Icy Hot work? What are the benefits of Icy Hot and is Icy Hot good for sore muscles?” This group consists of student-athletes who... Read more
3 Things to Know to Outperform Your Competition
The grind is real. When you’re training to compete your competition is training to win. Train to win, play to win, and implement recovery to top off your game and help you build deeper capacity for performance. Too many athletes overly focus on the active aspects of training. They... Read more
How To Boost Your Child’s Mental Training For Rugby
Blast from the past – here’s a picture of me back in 2002 when I was at the height of my playing career. It was easy to find time to prioritize staying fit as a young adult. I virtually had no other obligations other than work, working out and... Read more
Nutrition | Dr. Mo    We have all seen the explosion of energy drinks in the last decade. With many new brand names such as Red Bull, Rock Star and Monster becoming common fixtures at the grocery store, are they all the same? Use of energy drinks has also... Read more