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Farm to Table: What’s The Best Produce to Eat in October?
What’s The Best Produce to Eat in October? Try eating Farm to Table. We often get stuck in a rut, eating the same old foods day after day, week after week. Studies show that our grocery lists have the same foods on them time after time after time. This... Read more
Can Eating Habits be Affected by Sleep?
Sleep is a crucial part of helping an athlete perform his or her best, wouldn’t you agree? Getting adequate sleep can lead to improvements in speed, accuracy, energy levels, alertness and mood. It can also help you have faster reaction times. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you increase... Read more
How To Use Probiotics To Improve Stomach Heath, Athletic Performance
Gut Check Athletes need guts to be good at their sport, both figuratively and literally. Healthy bacteria in the gut are crucial for an overall healthy body. If our gut isn’t healthy, it can hinder digestion, absorption of nutrients, and proper elimination. It can also significantly affect the immune... Read more
Nutrition’s Clean 15
Have you heard of nutrition’s “Clean 15”? Most athletes know that fruits and vegetables contain key nutrients to help them grow, recover and stay healthy. Produce has a high water content that helps keep athletes hydrated Also many are rich in carbohydrates which are great choices for pre-workout meals,... Read more
Good Eating On The Run
Here’s How To Achieve Balance In A Time Crunch As an athlete, you can run into some challenging food situations. Sometimes the dinner stop on the way home from an away game is at the mini-mart at the closest gas station. Win or lose, athletes need some post-game calories,... Read more
How To Stay Hydrated-Help for Dehydration
How do you Stay Hydrated? Rehydration is even more essential when summer temps soar. Summer break means summer practices under that hot summer sun. Dehydration is a big risk due to these warm weather conditions combined with weekend tournaments or double day workouts. Being dehydrated can result in up... Read more
Motherly Advice for Team Snacks
Team Moms: Make Sure You’re Shopping From The Approved Snack List for Tournaments to Keep Athletes Well Fueled. Let’s say you’re a team mom who needs some ideas for feeding the team during tournaments. What are some quick, healthy, energizing foods you can provide for these athletes? Keeping the... Read more
Recovery Meal: Eat Like A Champ!
Lunchtime is a crucial time for athletes to eat well. It will help serve as a recovery meal if you had a morning workout. It will contribute to the fuel and fluids your body needs for a great afternoon or evening practice. So, how does one eat like a champ?... Read more
Hydrate to Dominate: Stay Hydrated!
With school back in session, athletes are busy training for their fall sports and preparing for the season ahead. Even though it’s no longer summer, dehydration is still a risk due to warm weather and/or double-day workouts. Stay hydrated, it’s an easy way to optimize your performance during training... Read more