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City of Walnut Creek Mulit-Sports Camp* - SportStars Magazine
Walnut Creek offers Multi-Sports Camps Age: 3-8. A partial day sports program in cooperation with Walnut Creek Recreation Division For more information: or call (925) 943-5858

Skyhawks Tot 3-5: Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer will introduce children to the fundamentals of some of America’s favorite pastimes. Mini-Hawk 4-6 is the ultimate multi-sport camp that combines baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, and track & field, allowing young athletes to develop a passion for a variety of sports in one fun-filled setting. For ages 6-8 Skyhawks: Baseball, Basketball, Multi-Sport Camps allow young athletes to learn new skills, meet new friends and a form new love for sports! Skyhawks sports provide sports programs where children can discover and develop athletic skills and social values, such as teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. Our Programs are designed to give each child a positive experience in sports fostering a thirst for an active, healthy lifestyle and love of the game.

City of Walnut Creek Mulit-Sports Camp*
975 North San Carlos Drive
Walnut Creek, California