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Golf is a sport that anyone can learn. Starting early is a great way to get kids into the game and learn a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime. When young people are introduced to the game of golf they not only learn a new sport, but also the inherent values that are part of the game; integrity, respect and perseverance. Info: 209-729-8111 or

JUNIOR GOLF LESSONS (AGE 17 AND UNDER) Greenhorn Creek is a strong advocate for youth golf, in addition to our Academy programs, Greenhorn Creek is the home course for Bret Harte High School and a host course for, youth, high school and College level tournaments. In the moderate climate of Angels Camp, lessons can begin anytime.

Levels of skill:

Beginning Golfers (ages 5 and up)

Intermediate Golf Classes for golfers that have already mastered the basics and are looking to improve

Advance Golf Classes for golfers playing in or planning to compete in Junior and High School tournaments

All our youth athletes receive comprehensive instruction on Golf Technique and Golf ethics

Golf Academy Program

All year long, Juniors aged (5-17) are invited to play at the Greenhorn creek Resort Golf Academy. The academy is a great way for new golfers to learn the sport; and for experienced youth it provides a great opportunity to improve their game. Our program focuses on developing golf skills such as putting, full swing, chipping/ pitching, bunker shots, and how to manage your game. We also emphasize the value of courtesy, perseverance, respect, sportsmanship and confidence.

Camp Coaches
Additional Coaches
Greenhorn Creek Golf Clinics*
711 McCauley Ranch Road Angels Camp, CA 95222
Angels Camp , CA 95222
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.