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UC ELITE Volleyball Club Summer Camp & Tryouts* - SportStars Magazine
Our summer camps are based on improving and developing each individual player with multi-skill drills and team play. Each camp will consist of setting, serving, hitting, blocking, serve receive, and digging. Players will learn to apply the various skills developed in drills into game like situations and game play.

In addition, players will develop game tactics and mechanics while playing through competitive team play and small group simulations. Each camp will be divided by the age level that your daughter will participate in during the 2017-18 club season (ie. If your child is currently playing 14s this club season, 2016-17, then she will sign up for the 15s camp). Participants who wish to play in a higher age level, will need camp director approval.


Matt Guzman
Ricky Santos
Randell Manzon
Andrew Nguyen
Alex Loi
Additional coaches TBA

See Website for Girls Camp Dates and Times

UC ELITE Volleyball Club Summer Camp & Tryouts*
Union City , California
Camp Dates
UC ELITE Volleyball Club Summer Camp & Tryouts* - Summer Camp