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Fast Track: Jaden Conwright Returns to USA Racing
Jaden Conwright Returns to USA, Racing at Sebring, 2020 Le Mans Debut Events. Video coverage: SportStars writers have followed Jaden Conwright’s racing exploits since he was a high schooler at Newark Memorial some 6 years back. We’ve ridden shotgun with Conwright starting with karting at Sonoma Raceway to Mazda... Read more
Jaden Conwright 2019 Porsche Carrera Cup (4 Place Championship Finish)
Jaden Conwright 2019 Porsche Carrera Cup (4 Place Championship Finish) Our ongoing coverage of East Bay native, Jaden Conwright (racing formula cars beginning in 2014 when he was just 15 years old attending Newark Memorial High School, see that first story here) continues. Since then Jaden has lived, raced... Read more
Jaden Conwright, East Bay Racer On the Move
Jaden Conwright, East Bay’s Porsche Carrera Cup driver is on the move. And in impressive style! The Porsche Carrera Cup Italy just released a one-minute promotional video. Above all, this video is for their popular Scholarship Program in Europe. In it, you will clearly see clips of #48 Jaden... Read more
Conwright on His Game in Porsche Carrera Cup
Consistency carries Conwright to top of the table in Porsche Carrera Cup Italia •American sportscar rookie leads the way at mid-season stage •Highly-rated Fremont, CA native takes top three finish in every race to-date •20-year-old predicts ‘real fist fight’ over second half of campaign In motorsport, consistency is the... Read more
Conwright Walks on the Moon At Carrera Cup Italia
“Conwright is the Man on the Moon of the Carrera Cup Italia” Sweet Ride The Man on the Moon. A person who is not an outcast but different from everyone else. Unique, different in a good way. That’s Jaden. Always among the best in qualifying, Jaden Conwright has a... Read more
Conwright Scoops Double Helping of Hardware
Serving Up Jaden’s Porsche Cup: Conwright scoops double helping of silverware on stunning sportscar debut We’ve been covering this young racer since his early teens growing up – and racing – in the East Bay Area. Talent not withstanding, who would have predicted his ability then would place the... Read more
Talented Teen Trades Single-Seaters for Sportscars
Jaden Conwright Impressive Cup Debut Simple math. If you’ve followed Jaden Conwright’s racing career like we have, you’d be as impressed as we are. We first covered the young East Bay racer in August 2014. He was then a member of the Mazada Formula series, racing at Sonoma Raceway.... Read more
Jaden Conwright in Formula 3 Championship Drivers Seat
Follow The Absolute Leaders: Rounds 2 & 3 update Jaden Conwright’s star is rising. The East Bay native, (See SportStars story: 19 yr old Jaden Conwright Signs F3 Championship) racing for Absolute Racing Team in the FIA Asian Formula 3 Championship gained valuable personal and team points by finishing 4th... Read more
19 yr old Jaden Conwright Signs F3 Championship
This post arrived today from Jaden Conwright’s father, Craig. It’s speaks of a pretty nice Fathers’ Day present, wouldn’t you say! A son doing well in his chosen sport. But this is no ordinary son; no ordinary sport! SportsStars published multiple articles about Jaden racing formula cars beginning in... Read more
Into High Gear with Jaden Conwright
It’s always exciting to keep up on our athletes in a sort of “where are they now” perspective. Here’s one you’ll like. We did a story on Newark Memorial’s rising Indy series race car star, Jaden Conwright awhile back. See FAST TRACK. Today, he’s 18, a high school grad... Read more
Fast Track

Fast Track

Motorsport August 29, 2016 0

CHACE BRYSON | Editor Read more
Rising Star: Fast Track with Jaden Conwright
Still a year before he can drive a street car, Newark Memorial’s Jaden Conwright is a rising Formula Car talent and on the fast track to success. Steve Brisentine had a hard time believing what he was hearing.   The 53-year-old San Ramon-native had come to renown World Speed... Read more